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3 August 2017

Chemistry — Chapter 『5.1』Formation of Compounds(Form 4)

Stability of noble gases
  1. Noble gases are chemically non-reactive(inert)stable and exist as monoatomic gases.
  2. This is because the outermost occupied shell of all noble gases are full. They have very stable duplet / octet electron arrangement.
  3. Noble gases do not donate,receive or share electrons with other atoms.
  4. But the atoms of elements from Group 1 to Group 17 are tend to donate,receive or share electrons to achieve the stable duplet / octet electron arrangement and form chemical bonds.

Formation of compounds

  • A compound is a chemical substance which consist of two or more elements chemically bonded together.
  • A compound is in a more stable state than the elements comprising it.
Examples of natural compounds:

An ion is a positively-charged or negatively-charged particle formed after an atom donate / receive electrons. ( Cation=Positive ion ;Anion=Negative ion )

When an atomX donate 1 electronit form X+
When an atomX donate 2electronsit form X2+
When an atomX donate 3 electronsit form X3+

When an atomY receive 1 electronit form Y-
When an atomY receive 2electronsit form Y2-
When an atomY receive 3 electronsit form Y3-